How I Realize Owning Real Estate (in the Future)

ILLUSTRATION of the house with American style that became my dream house. (Source: Richard Taylor Architects

my own house has been one of my dreams since I was able to be independent. Apart from financial responsibility from my parents 14 years ago.

My dream house is not a grandiose one. It is not a big one, clean white/monochrome walls, and full of windows and light. The one like American houses.

Oh, not only that, there must be a garden. This is important. I am a nature lover. A garden is a must. Planted with flowers, various herbal plants, and green trees. I don't like fenced houses. Why? because the impression looks like secretive, doesn’t it?

So what about the interior? For spatial design interior, I like the Japanese concept. All units in the house are functional. In addition to the bedroom, children's room and guest room, and kitchen, all spaces must be interconnected. From such an interior design, friendliness and openness can be seen. The arrangement is classy but still homy. That's my dream house.

For your information, traditional American houses are characterized by the use of wood materials in the structure and facade. That's why i like it so much. However, for houses living in tropical countries, I will use brick walls in the future. The visible texture on the facade is obtained by making it manually with a layer of cement material. Then, coated with white paint. As a result, the facade of the house seems to be made of wood plank, but it is not. haha

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Another characteristic of American style that appears in my dream house later is the black roof. Likewise with the window frames that adjust. The house has many openings facing directly to the front. Not only on the first floor, but also windows on the second floor. Thus, the facade is not just a plain solid wall.

However, nowadays, I've realize, owning a house/ real estate is not as easy as buying a packet of corn crackers. Our financial condition must be stable, unexpected funds must be available, and sources of income must be clear and sustainable. For what? To buy land, for architectural services payment in designing our dream house. Or in addition, the readiness to buy a house in a real estate area with a cluster system, then we change the interior design according to the wishes of the dream house.

As we know, since the beginning of 2020, the world has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Entering 2022, It's still happen with new varian, such as Delta, Sub-delta, Omicron, you named it. There are no signs that this pandemic will end soon. However, as individuals, we need calculations in everything, especially in investments. Property investment is a good choice today.

Talking about property investment, As a potential consumers, we must be smart and observant in terms of determining efficient financing options. Do you buy it with hard cash, cash in stages or apply for a housing loan to the bank. This needs to be adjusted to personal financial conditions. Incidentally, I'm single, I set all my own policies for my own choice investment.

According to Forbes, 2020 edition, There are 4 reasons why i (people) should buy real estate (future/in the midst of a pandemic):

1. The prices is down

According to Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman's report, in the second quarter of 2020, New York City (NYC) real estate sales fell into 54 percent. This is the biggest decline in 30 years.

With low activity, desperate sellers, and a slumping economy, shifts are rapidly and completely in favor of buyers. The average selling price in NYC fell in to just 1 million US dollar, 18 percent lower than the previous year's statistics in the Manhattan area.

In California, the Orange County Register reported a 5.2 percent drop in prices compared to 2019. Residential data firm CoreLogic predicts there will be a 6.6 percent year-on-year price decline nationwide in May 2021.

2. People Start the Importance of Home

It's not just because of the campaign Stay at Home worldwide so we stuck at home during the pandemic. Furthermore, home is ultimately our safety sanctuary to stay during this healhty catastrophic.

Whether we realize it or not, this self-quarantine seems to be the biggest campaign for real estate values. Where people have been inspired to invest more in their own dreamy homes.

3. Home is now an office

Apart from essential workers, most people today find themselves working from home during the pandemic. Working from a couch or kitchen table without proper office space can be difficult, especially if space is limited (and shared with children, spouse, or pets).

Once it became clear that the work from home culture persisted (at least for the near future), people realized they needed more space.

In addition, there are other financial incentives for buyers who work from home. where; If your home is also an office, a portion of your mortgage can be claimed on your taxes as a 'home-office' deduction.

The real estate industry may lose its fangs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But why, even with the price dropping, at least it can still attract buyers and record sales.

4. Use a Mortgage Calculator to Calculate Financial Capability!

As stated from Kevin Roberts, director of the Legal & General Mortgage Club, said that borrowers, especially those experiencing financial difficulties, should examine their options. Covid-hit home owners fear getting stuck on expensive mortgage deals.

It is very important to know the forecast of loan payments, and not be complacent about the initial payment discount so that we have a picture of the original financing that is in balance with our financial capacity.

By using mortgage calculator, we as an potential consumers can determine monthly payments based on the DP and the loan term that we choose.

By the way, let me share about the one of mortgage calculators with recommended applications to calculate the monthly installment value and installment period that suits our financial condition is MortgageCalculator.UK

The advantages of this mortgage calculator are that it offers a fast, free, accurate, and unbiased calculation with totally without ads. Actually this mortgagecalculator.UK is very suitable for use by people around the world.

The main variables in a mortgage calculation include the principal, balance, periodic compound interest rate, the number of payments per year, the total number of payments, and the number of regular payments.

The calculator is also available on the menu for UK Mortgage Repayment Calculator with Amortization, Over payment, Remortgage. With this calculator, buyers can calculate for themselves how much the monthly installments must be paid accurately. So that it reduces to be lied to by the developer.

By entering home price, deposit, and term-years then automatically we can see the full monthly payment, Value of interest only, Total loan payment and total cost. By clicking CALCULATE, we will get a display of loan charts, graphs and amortization tables and get a specific link containing the values entered.

For an example of the calculation results that I made, assuming a house price of £ 300,000, Down Payment ( Deposit ) £ 20000 and a payment term of 25 years, the calculation link with a complete calculation are display of loan charts, graphs and amortization tables is figure out above.

Although this mortgage Calculator is based in the UK, this application can be used by Estate agents, spouses, partners, friends, family members, flat mates, home sellers, home builders, lenders, helpful web forum users, bloggers, or anyone, around the world. (***)

You have three choices in life. You can watch things happen, make things happen, or wonder what the hell happened. Thinking wisely in difficult times is a choice. Be smart, choose wisely.


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  4. Not only in New York City (NYC) real estate sales fell into 54 percent, in Medan especially in north district area, my sister sold one of her house with the cheaper price under the price when she bought it formely, so sad, right? That's a biggest decline and so strange from habitual condition.

    1. Ya so true. This pandemic has sent the entire economy into a abyss, so sad!!! I'm sorry for what happened to your sister mbak. I hope she gets sustenance from the others. Bless her.

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